Baidu forms strategic tie with Huawei to develop AI


Search engine company Baidu headquarters building in Beijing, China. Photo: iStock

Baidu, one of China’s three big Internet giants, is tapping into the mobile phone industry with its artificial intelligence technology. The company has formed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei, one of the leading domestic mobile manufacturers, reported.

Both sides will utilize the Huawei HiAI platform and the Baidu PaddlePaddle deep learning framework to build an open ecosystem to serve AI developers.

Meanwhile, the two companies will carry out cooperation in in-depth voice and imaging on all types of smart terminals, so as to promote more convenient man-machine communication.

“Baidu’s businesses, like mapping, are what the mobile maker is looking for,” said Yan Zhanmeng, the director of Smart Devices and Ecosystem Research at the Counterpoint Research.

Yan thinks it is necessary for unicorn companies to work with unicorns in other sectors. Since they can’t buy each other out, this type of strategic deal can help them tap into advantageous areas.



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