Toddler rescued after slipping into borewell while playing


Chandrasekhar fell into a borehole in Andhra Pradesh's Guntur district on Tuesday. Photo: NDTV

A two-year-old boy who accidentally slipped into a five-meter borewell was rescued on Wednesday morning after almost 11 hours, according to media sources.

Chandrasekhar fell into the hole in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur district on Tuesday around 4:30 pm while he was playing with other children. The borewell was not in use, had no lid or fence and was not visible due to grass surrounding it.

A National Disaster Response Force official said a seven-meter-wide parallel hole was dug from which the rescue team inserted a plank into the borewell at five meters so that the boy would not slip further down. Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister (Home) N China Rajappa congratulated the rescue team and said steps would be taken to close all defunct borewells in the state to prevent such incidents.

Chandrasekhar was taken to the Government General Hospital in Guntur for treatment.



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