Xayabouly Announces to Withdraw Position Cars


Governor of Xayabouly province, Mr Phonsavan Siththavong has instructed senior officials in the province who have two and more position cars to return one of them.

The cars that have been returned will be sold through bidding and the money from the care sales will be transferred to the government’s treasury.

The car withdrawal is in line with the law on state property (revision 2012) and Prime Minister’s Decree dated Jan 5, 2017 on the allocation of vehicles to senior officials.

The decree is designed to cut government spending on the allocation of vehicles for senior officials, as well as on vehicle fuel and maintenance costs, Mr Phonsavan said.

Over recent months, Xayabouly Province has withdrawn two luxury cars Benz and LEXUS and sold them through bidding process, according to Mr Phonsavan.

There are more than 500 government vehicles in Xayabouly Province. Some 717 out of 875 vehicles smuggled into the country have been legally registered with the provincial authorities since early this year. Over 23 billion kip has been paid as taxes by the vehicle owners.

“Owners of the vehicles on which taxes are yet to be paid must pay taxes by the end of this year,” Mr Phonsavan told the 3rd Ordinary Session of the Provincial People’s Council last week.


Source: KPL


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