Promotional Policy Needed for Tourism in Southern Laos


UNESCO’s World Heritage Vat Phu in Champassak

Malayluck Sipaphay

(KPL) It is highly potential to develop tourism industry in the southern Laos but the government needs to have a systematic and realistic promotional policy, said an official.

The National Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with its branch in Champassak province held on Jul 19 a meeting with representatives of agricultural business community and tourism industry.

“The tourism industry has enjoyed a growth but its growth was slow. Most tourists visiting the southern Laos have low to middle purchasing power. Meanwhile those with high purchasing power are small in number,” said Deputy President of the Industry and Commerce Department of Champasack Province, Mr Khamper Taysayavong.     

He said that the number of visitors was decreased this year and attributed the decrease in tourists’ number to limited investment in developing tourist sites in the southern provinces and lack of favourable policy conditions for tourism businesses.

Mr Khamper Taysayavong said that the problems local businesses are facing need to be removed in the near future.

“When we take into account the potential in the southern provinces in term of geography and natural resource abundance, we have found that the most highly potential business sectors that are worth being promoted are commercial agricultural production and tourism industry,” Mr Khamper added.



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